After Days of Being Absent from Activities, Occupier Found Dead in a Tent


Occupiers want us all to believe that they’re all about looking out for each other. If that’s the case, why are they so clueless when people die in their encampments? In Tallahassee, FL a diabetic occupier wasn’t seen in days before he was found dead in his tent.

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Occupy Tallahassee Spokesman Larry Hendricks says the man was a diabetic.

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“I’m not sure about his cause of death, I suspect its maybe natural causes. He had informed me when he signed our covenant a few weeks ago that he had an insulin or diabetic problem.”

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The man’s body was found late Thursday afternoon in his tent, after being absent from group activities for several days. TPD is still investigating.

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So they knew he was diabetic but nobody thought to check on him when he was absent for days. Nice friends. I wonder if any of his stuff went missing before his body was found.

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H/T Fox Nation

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