More Civility from the Psychos on the Left

None of you have seen the vile comments left on this site day in and day out for weeks now. I send them to the dustbin of spam. But before doing so, I thought I’d start saving them for posterity, to remind me of the sort of disgusting, deranged, despicable and rotten people that walk among us. This is the civility of the left.

Don’t bother with the email addresses, they’re obviously fake. The IP address goes back to a service allowing people to hide their identities. How very brave of them. Hiding behind “Hide My Ass.” Other times they use IP addresses of public places because they’re the worst kind of cowards.

Some of the comments this troll (or these trolls) leave include email addresses of other conservative bloggers. They fill up my email spam. They sign petitions in my name. They email spam to others in my name. They send me emails that appear to be from my friends. They go to other websites and leave comments in my name – with my email address and links back to this blog – that are vile and wretched. Thankfully I have some friends who are kind enough to let me know when they see this happening. As much as I would like to leave comments on all of the blogs I visit, I rarely have time. If I did there would be nothing on this blog. I suspect that’s the reason they’re doing what they do – to distract me. To shut me up. They’ve even broken federal law by calling my home using phony caller ID services. The police officer I filed a report with was very kind and understanding. My phone company assured me that once the report is ready they will be happy to provide me with the telephone numbers where those calls really originated. We’ll have to wait and see where that leads us.

This is the left. This is how they operate. Peggy Noonan was on to something when she wrote about the debasement of our culture, but she didn’t know the half of it. These are people who either have too much time on their hands, or they’re getting paid for their online activities. They’ve done this sort of thing to a number of my online friends, and one even had someone stupid enough to do it under his own twitter account. These are not your daddy’s democrats. These people are pure evil. When you see leftist leaders shaking their fists and calling for action, these are the people they’re talking to.

Oh, one more thing. This troll seems to think I keep my identity a secret, and that he’s somehow uncovered something I want to hide. I don’t. I’ve done several interviews under my real name, and the name of this blog. That’s why these super-sleuths were able to figure it out so easily. Unlike them, I am not ashamed of my opinions and my online activity. My name is Karen Beseth (pronounced Bee-Seth) and the reason I don’t post in my own name is that I am still employed (part time) outside of the home. I understand that some of our customers may disagree with my political point of view and thought it would be best if I didn’t broadcast my name day in and day out. If I was so concerned about keeping my identity a secret, would I have posed for a photo for The Other McCain? Regular readers know I have posted pictures of myself on occasion, like this one.

Would I do that if I was trying to hide my identity? Here’s another one, just in case you aren’t convinced.

Both were taken earlier this year at CPAC, where I was registered under my own name – quite unlike my stalkers, impersonators and harassers who hide behind fake IP addresses and Caller ID scams.

Update: Linked by The Other McCain – thanks. Conservative Commune also linked, and tells the tale of another blogger who has been under assault by the left.

In our own precincts, Enoch and company have had to rebuild this blog because a nasty script was superimposed here, and the likelihood that it was an accident is much diminished by its also having been foisted on our old blog, POWIP. On Twitter, there’s a rash of direct messages telling me and other righties that people are saying horrible things about us. If you’re dumb enough to click the link, your account also becomes a bot account that will inform other people that they are being libelled online.

Don’t click those links. Also, if you receive an email from me with some weird links, delete it.

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