Zilla has an amusing post about the butt-hurt we bloggers regularly experience. While I tend to keep my butt-hurt to myself, I can identify.

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Butt-Hurt is a serious and devastating condition that afflicts bloggers who feelmarginalized because they do not get enough linky-love or are “not good enough forinclusion in certain bloggers’ associations, or events about blogging, that if not quickly diagnosed and treated can lead to infighting, Blog Wars, and other very serious Blogging syndromes such as: feeling like Chopped Liver,  Blogger Mood DisorderSiteMeter Envy, and, perhaps the most devastating of them all, Blogger Burnout. The only known effective treatments for Butt Hurt and other serious related blogging afflictions areInstalanches and Tip Jar Hits.

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I am grieved to report that the terrible disease known as Butt-Hurt has claimed yet another victim. It all started when a famously perpetually Butt-Hurt Blogger inadvertently neglected to include a link to THIS in THIS, that got Instalanched (which can generate a good amount of second-hand Insta-traffic to whoever the ‘lanched post has linked to), and the lack of recognition and accompanying traffic led to THIS, but, fortunately, it was resolved by THIS. Unfortunately, the incident now appears to have spawned the outbreak of a new syndrome, King-of-Pain-itus, which causes bloggers to compete to see whose Butt-Hurt affliction is worse that will surely cause unforeseen amounts of collateral damage: like if the participants of this new sick contest fail to link to me for writing about it and I proclaim myself the Queen of Butt-Hurt, for example.

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Read the whole hilarious thing.

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If I were the butt-hut type, I would direct you to this post that was retweeted by Ann Coulter. I may not have come up with the “Everbody blog about Brett Kimberlin day,” but I do believe I was the first to put out the call. So yeah, I guess you could say my butt hurts. But really, it doesn’t. The sun was shining all day today and I spent it with my kids at our pool. Oh, and my older son made the All Star Team. As Joe Biden would say, it was a Big F***ng Deal. In the afternoon some good friends came over, and later we had a fire and we made s’mores. It was a blissful day without blogging. I cherish days like this one – days that I totally miss the latest in the Brett Kimberlin saga.

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Thousands of you come to this site every day because I do my best to keep up with the news about what our government is doing to us. Thank you for that.  I’ll keep up with it for as long as I’m able, and try to keep my butt-hurt to myself.

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(In case you’re wondering, the thumbnail photo on the front page is me.)

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Update: My crazy weird stalkers are back, doing what they do. If you receive any strange emails from me, please just delete them.

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Update 2: Butt-hurt seems to be spreading.

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Update 3: Linked by The First Street Journal. Thanks!

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