Obama: Destroying Hope For Small Business


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Small business owners aren’t feeling too hopeful these days. A new study reveals that the current economic climate is worse than it was even during the dismal Carter years. Unfortunately, we have four more years of this.

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From four years past and four years of a future filled with looming taxes, stifling regulations, and the uber-burdensome bill known as Obamacare, the President’s main platform seems to be one of crushing small businesses, and by extension, crushing the American dream.

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To start, results from the latest Optimism Index indicate record levels of uncertainty that exceed even the darkest days of the Carter presidency.

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A report from Fox Business indicates:

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“Uncertainty about the direction of business conditions in six months reached 23% of respondents, easily surpassing a pre-recession record of 15% that was reported during the Jimmy Carter administration.”

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Despite the administration’s constant drum-beating of the word ‘recovery’, the optimism index remains at rates more synonymous with another ‘R’ word – recession.

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Several factors have created the pessimistic mindset running rampant amongst business owners; the looming fiscal cliff, the constant threat of higher costs, higher taxes, and of course, a downward trend in sales numbers. (Read More)

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