Tenured Professor Openly Denies Communism’s Atrocities, Defends Josef Stalin


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Not only does the media and academia ignore the atrocities of communists, now we have tenured professors openly denying the murderous history of history’s thugs. Listen to this guy Professor Grover Furr, during a debate at Montclair State University in New Jersey, defend Josef Stalin. Even worse, he was cheered for this outrageous denial.

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What you said is a bulls–t. It’s wrong. It’s a lie. . . . I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed.

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Watch this lunatic’s rant:

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Progressives love “consensus” when it comes to the theory of global warming, even though there is no real consensus. But when it comes to consensus of historians on the brutal crimes against humanity committed by mass murderers like Stalin, which have been documented extensively, they go into full denial mode. It is so disturbing that this man is a tenured professor.

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It is genuinely frightening that this apologist for totalitarianism is tenured at a state university, and doubly frightening that students would applaud him. A reporter for the student newspaper evidently didn’t even realize that what Professor Furr said was controversial, which tells you a lot about how dangerously dumbed-down our education system has become. The murderous brutality of Stalin is one of the best-established facts of 20th-century history, and whatever “research” Professor Furr claims as the basis for his bizarre revisionism is likely akin to the “research” of Holocaust deniers, 9/11 Truthers and other fringe crackpots.

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Gabriella Hoffman reported this at College Reform and Front Page Magazine, and it was also picked up by World Net Daily, but . . . that’s it?

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I mean, you have this lunatic praising Stalin at a public university in New Jersey and the New York Times can’t be bothered to take notice? Is the strange career of Professor Furr undeserving of attention by, say, theChronicle of Higher Education? Is this not newsworthy?

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Well, of course it’s not newsworthy when you have the communists in the US applauding the reelection of Obama so they can complete their transformation of our country. He is just a prop, after all. They wouldn’t want to scare the masses before he’s done, now, would they?

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This is what hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt is paying for? Defense of mass murderers? Good grief. Is it any wonder so many idiots voted for Obama when these are the sorts of scum teaching them?

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Read the whole thing for more on this commie nut ball.

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