Case Dismissed


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Aaron Walker’s case against Brett Kimberlin was dismissed. It sounds like the judge made up his mind before even hearing any arguments, according to Stacy McCain.

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Particularly disturbing was that Kimberlin never complied with discovery requests in the case, while Walker did — and Kimberlin used documents supplied by Walker to argue that the case was without merit, while Walker never got the opportunity to depose witnesses in the case.

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“The precedent set here is just terrible,” Backer said, talking about how Judge Potter ignored Kimberlin’s violation of court orders to seal the discovery materials. “Why should anyone comply with discovery?”

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Backer discussed possibility of appeals in either the federal suit in Maryland or the Virginia suit, but for today it’s a complete bummer. …

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Da Tech Guy writes that “the big story is not so much the details but the emboldening of some very bad characters.” It’s actually worse than that: It’s not just bad characters, but bad behavior that have been emboldened. Why shouldn’t everyone with a grudge resort to the methods Kimberlin & Co. employed against Walker?

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The targeting of political bloggers, the cyberstalking and harassment, are now all now acceptable tactics for which there is evidently no legal discourse. (Read More)

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Let’s hope they appeal.

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Update: A search for Judge Richard Potter came up with this rating:


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Legal Ability

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Integrity and Impartiality

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Communication Skills

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Professionalism and Temperament

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Administrative Capacity

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Circuit Court, Prince William Co, Manassas, VA







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