November’s Budget Deficit Was A Whopping $172 Billion


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The tax hikes President Obama is proposing for the rich wouldn’t come close to even covering last month’s budget deficit, which was a whopping $172 billion, putting the country on track for another year with a deficit of over $1 trillion.

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The U.S. budget deficit unexpectedly increased in November, to $172 billion for the month — pushing the country one step closer to the limit on government borrowing.

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The Treasury said Wednesday the deficit last month was $22 billion more than the October mark and up from $137 billion in November 2011.

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The numbers paint a gloomy picture of the country’s fiscal health and could complicate already delicate negotiations in Washington over tax rates and spending cuts with a deadline looming to to avert a fiscal crisis.

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The Treasury said the unexpired jump was the result of a calendar quirk that pulled into November about $33 billion in benefits payments slated for December.

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The new number could puts the country on pace to notch its fifth-straight annual deficit over $1 trillion. The government finished the 2012 budget year, which ends Sept. 30, with a deficit of $1.1 trillion.

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With the economy and hiring improving a bit, the government is receiving more tax receipts. Overall tax revenue increased 10 percent in the first two months of the budget year to $346 billion. But spending has increased faster, up $87 billion or 16 percent. (Read More)

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Got that? Tax receipts are up, but they’re still spending way more than they take in and adding to the $16+ trillion national debt. Obama has no plans to cut spending, so expect this to continue.

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Via Fox Nation

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