Civility: Paul Ryan Booed At Inauguration – Booing Started By DOJ Lawyer


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Rep. Paul Ryan attended President Obama’s inauguration today out of respect. In return he was booed and heckled.

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Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee in the last election, was booed at President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration today in Washington, D.C.

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“If things had gone differently in November, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) might have departed the Capitol on Monday as the vice president of the United States. Instead, he faced a chorus of boos as he left the building to attend President Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony,” reports the Huffington Post.

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How very civil and classy of them. No wonder Mitt Romney decided to skip this event.

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So, who started the booing? Was it some random person in attendance? Why, no, no it was not!

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And no – the ring leader wasn’t just some random, anonymous crowd troll. He was one of the hyper politicized hires of Eric Holder’s DOJ Voting Section, Dan Freeman. …

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He proudly boasted that he started the  booing, himself today, on Facebook:

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Isn’t it so nice that we’re paying this guy’s salary?

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Marooned in Marin has much more on this radical leftist who works for Eric Holder.

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In related news, a top Obama aide said that Obama will spend the next two years working to divide the Republican Party. What a shock.

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(AP Image via Gateway Pundit)

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Update: Linked by the Inquistr – thanks!

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