Hypocrite Piers Morgan Previously Joked About Shooting Rivals, Wanted To Shoot Burglars


Piers Morgan, “wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey”

Piers Morgan is a raving anti-gun crusader, but when he was in England he joked about shooting his rivals, and pined for the ability to shoot burglars who broke into his home and left him feeling violated.

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CNN host and outspoken gun-control advocate Piers Morgan once joked about shooting professional enemies and separately wrote that he was a “rabid fascist” who wanted burglars tortured after a “decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.”

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Morgan’s comments came in an interview with England’s Daily Mail newspaper. They concerned his dismissal as editor of the Daily Mirror, a rival British tabloid, after he was fired for publishing fake photos supposedly showing British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

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Morgan, wrote Daily Mail reporter Frances Hardy, “ruminate[d] merrily” about things he imagined doing to his professional enemies, including Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, writer A.A. Gill and editor Ian Hislop.

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“So the real question is, if I had a gun with just two bullets, who would I shoot?” Morgan said during the May 2006 interview.

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“In the end,” wrote Hardy, “he can’t choose between them, so he opts for a clean shot to take out Hislop and a ricocheting hit to mortally wound both Clarkson and Gill.”

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Read the whole thing. He also wrote a whole op-ed about how even though he was an uber liberal he would happily used guns to shoot the burglars in his home. He wrote that his brother refers to him as a “wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey,” but “when it comes to burglars I turn into a rabid fascist. I want them erased from life, all of them. Preferably after a decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.” Interesting, maybe someone could bring this up as he berates them for standing up for the Second Amendment.

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