So Long Solis!


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Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is resigning. So long and good riddance to her. Lord knows who Obama will pick to replace her. Probably somebody just as bad, or even worse. Whoever it is, with the NLRB doing the bidding of the unions it probably won’t make much difference. But then again, Obama isn’t worried about showing his true colors in his second term.

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Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis resigned Wednesday afternoon, three sources told BuzzFeed.

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Her departure means one fewer woman in a cabinet that is already facing criticism for including too many men. As recently as Wednesday, White House Press Secretary was defending the gender diversity of the administration.

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I guess it’s too late to undo the naming of an auditorium after that rotten commie Cesar Chavez.

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Unfortunately, Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius don’t appear to be going anywhere.

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