Thou Shall Not Criticize The State


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Phil Mickelson must have taken some serious flack for complaining about high tax rates, because the next thing you know, he was apologizing. All he did was speak his mind, but that’s unacceptable and he was shamed into walking it back. Our society becomes more like the Soviet Union every day, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his show today.

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No, folks, I’m not making this up. I’m checking the e-mail during the break.  Phil “Mickelson apologized to anyone he may have ‘upset or insulted’ with the comments that his high tax bracket was causing him to consider ‘drastic changes’ in his life.” Phil Mickelson is apologizing for upsetting anybody who might have been offended at him saying he didn’t want to pay a 63% tax rate.  Now, something happened.

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Mickelson makes the statement (paraphrased), “If taxes go to 62% or 63%, I’m gonna take drastic action. I may have to leave the state. I don’t know.” Something happens, and he issues an apology for offending people over that? Uhhh (Soviet accent), “You do not speak against the revolution!”  You do not speak against the tax collector.  So now the right thing to do is to apologize for thinking that a 63% tax rate on your earnings is not fair.  That’s unseemly, and you shouldn’t do it, and you need to apologize for offending people.

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Holy smokes!

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I just wish that decent people like Mickelson would stop backing down to these thugs.

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Oh, and speaking of Rush Limbaugh, he was right in 2009 for hoping Obama failed and we should all hope he fails in his next term. Because if he achieves success – success as he sees it – we’re all doomed.

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