Good Thing Obama Isn’t Running Your Household Budget


Mad Obama

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Heritage took a look at areas of the federal budget that could be cut without causing much pain for the American people, and noted that it’s a good thing President Obama isn’t running our household budgets. If so our kids would starve.

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If you had to cut your family’s budget, where would you cut?

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Would you immediately start starving your children and stop wearing shoes? Of course not. You would look at the extras in your life—whether they were coffee shop lattes, movie tickets, or restaurant meals.

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It’s a good thing the President wouldn’t be handling your budget. As Dan Holler of our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, has said: “If President Obama were making the decision for your family… he’d tell you to stop buying gas for your car and explain how you could only eat five days a week.”

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Now that President Obama has turned against sequestration, he is suggesting that spending cuts to federal agencies must result in dire consequences. Firefighters, emergency responders, and teachers will all be cut, he claims. Media outlets have played up these sob stories, copying White House releases in their local news stories and soliciting sad testimonials from people who supposedly would be affected by these cuts.

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Read the whole thing. This is just getting ridiculous.

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