Government Walks Back Claim That Taliban Attacks Declined In Afghanistan



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The government had claimed that Taliban attacks on the US and our allies in Afghanistan had declined in 2012. Now they say never mind, that was just a clerical error. Just like the employment reports they put out every week.

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The American-led military coalition in Afghanistan backed off Tuesday from its claim that Taliban attacks dropped off in 2012, tacitly acknowledging a hole in its widely repeated argument that violence is easing and that the insurgency is in steep decline.

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In response to Associated Press inquiries about its latest series of statistics on security in Afghanistan, the coalition command in Kabul said it had erred in reporting a 7 percent decline in attacks. In fact there was no decline at all, officials said.

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is among the senior officials who had publicly repeated the assertion of an encouraging drop-off in Taliban attacks last year, was disturbed to learn of the error, said his spokesman, George Little.

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Good grief.

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