12 GOP Senators Had Dinner With Obama During Rand Paul’s Filibuster



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Senator Rand Paul lasted just shy of 13 hours with his filibuster yesterday. He had some help from Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and John Barrasso. While he was conducting his bladder-busting exercise in liberty, some of his fellow Republican senators were dining with President Obama.

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In no particular order, those senators dining with Obama were John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Tom Coburn, Kelly Ayotte, Mike Johanns, Pat Toomey, Saxby Chambliss, John Hoeven, Dan Coates and Richard Burr.

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The dozen GOP Senators who dined with Obama while Paul filibustered CIA Director nominee John Brennan in opposition to the unconstitutional authorization of drone killings of American citizens on American soil may have expressed a spirit of bipartisanship, yet the imagery and optics juxtaposing the two events could prove difficult to overcome.

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Anyone following #StandWithRand on Twitter last night knows who the American people were standing with, but Senator Johnson told Greta VanSusteren that dinner was a jolly good time:

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