13 Year Old Girl Gang Raped By Illegal Immigrants In Texas

illegal alien child rapists

Someone alert President Obama and Al Sharpton. A little 13 year old girl was gang raped by a bunch of illegal immigrants. She had run away from the Settlement Home For Children, only to find herself in a car with this gang of thugs who shouldn’t have been in our country in the first place. What ensued is horrific.

The teen victim tells police she was taken inside an apartment, where Ortega forced himself on her as the other men cheered him on, recording the assault on their cell phones. All the men took turns having sex with her against her will. A forensic exam revealed injuries consistent with her claims.

“It’s sad that we can’t even let our children go outside…or have them carry pepper spray or knives, at 13, that’s sad,” said Leticia Rodriguez, another resident at Avalon Palms, which has no security on site or functioning security cameras.

Rodriguez said, “They don’t even give us a note or something and say oh, this happened, please be careful with your kids and not let them go out. They don’t tell us nothing.”

The affidavit states the assault lasted until early into the morning of June 30, then the victim was driven to a nearby neighborhood and told to “find somewhere to go.”

Police say they were able to track Ortega and Perez from the phone call the girl made to her foster brother with their cell phone. She was able to make it back on her own to the settlement home. (Read More)

Only two of the men have been arrested, and are now reportedly being held on immigration detainers. The rest are still at large, probably dreaming of the day when they will be granted amnesty by the Democrats and their RINO cohorts.

I have no idea what the victim’s race is, it doesn’t matter. She’s a little girl who was obviously troubled to begin with. The violence she was subjected to will no doubt only add to her troubles. But I doubt President Obama will interrupt the next White House daily briefing to make a statement about this heinous crime. I’m sure Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Gang of 8 won’t have much to say about it, either. As for Bob Menendez, he’s probably jealous of these sexual predators. I wish I was kidding. Good grief.

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