Photos And Video From Syracuse Protest Against Cuomo And The SAFE Act


In follow up to my last post, here are some more photos and video from the protest against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the SAFE Act. The protest took place outside of a $1000 per plate (and up) fundraiser for Cuomo at the Genesee Grande Hotel in the university neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Present across the street were anti-fracking zealots who spent the time chanting mindless slogans.

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Note: If you click on any image you can see the larger version.

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Cuomo protest 1 cuomo protest 2 cuomo protest 3 Cuomo protest 4 cuomo protest 5 cuomo protest 6 cuomo protest 7 cuomo protest 8

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Here are the videos. The first is just a slideshow of the pictures posted earlier. The other is the anti-frackers chanting, and a short clip of the anti-Cuomo protesters responding.

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I couldn’t help but wonder how all of the anti-frackers heat their homes in the winter time.