Cuomo Gave Big Donor Big Tax Breaks


It sure does pay to be a big donor to Democrats. The latest example is a sweetheart tax break given by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to a developer that made big contributions to his campaign.

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A top development company donated $100,000 to Gov. Cuomo just days before he signed a bill that quietly showered the firm with lucrative tax breaks.

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Two corporations tied to Extell Development each contributed $50,000 to Cuomo’s campaign, which recorded the checks on Jan. 28 — the same day the Assembly passed a housing bill that contained tax breaks for five developers, including Extell, records show.

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Cuomo signed the legislation two days later.

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The twin $50,000 donations were made by Elco Master LLC and 134 W 58 LLC. Each listed the same Louisville, Ky., address of Extell Financial Services, which is part of Extell Development. It was the first time either company contributed to Cuomo, state records show. (Read More)

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After being granted the sweet tax breaks, the company’s president made a whopping $100K donation to the state Democrat party. Cuomo’s been using that account to push his agenda and tout his phony record on the airwaves in New York. He doesn’t mention that the only businesses this state is friendly to are the ones who pay up in the form of campaign contributions.

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