Obama Plans To Raise Your Cell Phone Tax With No Input From Congress

President Obama wants to raise the tax on all of our cell phones, at least those of us who pay our own bills, without any input from Congress. Worse yet, the program he wants to fund with this new tax already has billions in unused funds. CNS News has the details:

The Obama administration wants to unilaterally raise taxes on phone bills nationwide, bypassing Congress.  As White House Spokesman Josh Earnest put it:

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a lot of action in Congress, so the President has advocated an administrative, unilateral action to get this done.  We’re not going to wait for Congress to act.”

The increased tax would go to a government-run program called E-Rate, which was ostensibly designed to connect low-income schools to high-speed Internet. Internet access is important for student success, but before the administration rushes to throw money to another federal program, it should assess how that program is working.

Schools applying for E-Rate subsidies run into a number of barriers that lead to delays in distributing funds and connecting schools.  Delays date back to 2010 for initial requests and 2003 for appeals. Students attending a school when the application was first submitted may never benefit from high-speed Internet access.

Because of the cumbersome application process for these subsidies, there is over $5 billion sitting in the E-Rate account collected through American tax dollars and not used.

Read the whole thing. Some in the administration say it’s “only” about $12 per year and most people won’t even notice. But if you look at your cell phone bill it’s already loaded with taxes and fees. They’re nickel and diming us to to death here and they think we’re too stupid to notice.