Rush Limbaugh Responds To Obama’s Debt Ceiling Presser


The local station that carries Rush Limbaugh’s show preempted Limbaugh to air President Obama’s press conference on the debt limit. After about a minute I had to turn it off because it was just more of the same BS. He said “We can’t make extortion routine,” and accused House Republicans of holding hostages. He also called on the House to vote on a “clean” resolution, which means he wants them to vote on an “unconditional” resolution. Or to put it another way, he wants them to give him what he wants. It’s getting old. Anyway, Rush was on somewhere because he delivered this scathing response, and asked if we’ve ever had a more dishonest president, because everything Obama just said is dead wrong. If I can find the transcript I’ll post a link to it later.

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Here’s more from Rush today, saying that Obama’s press conference was a big giant “F You” to the country, and that it’s Obama’s way of flipping us all the bird. Sounds about right.

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