Media Going After Father Of Ted Cruz

The same media that was utterly incurious about President Obama’s father, an avowed communist, is now suddenly interested in the father of Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz’s father hates communism because he had to live under it in Cuba, so apparently that makes him the enemy of the people.

CNN’s Piers Morgan seized on a recent “expose” of Pastor Rafael Cruz by Mother Jones to trash his Tea Party star son as “scary.” The magazine cited the elder Cruz’s “extreme views” in several speeches he gave to evangelicals and the Tea Party.

“Rafael Cruz blends the far reaches of extreme conservatism and Christian fundamentalism,” the article said. Among his “inflammatory remarks,” Cruz said Obama believes “government is your god” and has “a clear agenda to destroy American exceptionalism” and redistribute wealth. What else is new?

The leftist publication complains the immigrant-turned-successful-entrepreneur has an outsized influence over his son. So, ”What Rafael Cruz says matters.”

Yet no such scrutiny was paid to Obama Sr., to whom the president dedicated “Dreams from My Father.”

In 1965, the elder Obama, a state economist, wrote an eight-page critique of Kenya’s post-colonial government. In “Problems Facing Our Socialism,” he called for Soviet-style reforms such as expropriation of land and punitive taxes to redistribute wealth on a massive scale. (Read More)

What’s most interesting here is that while the establishment Republicans dismiss Cruz as some kind of “wacko bird,” the left is worried enough to start going after his family.