Will The GOP Fall Into The Democrats’ Obamacare Trap?

Byron York has a warning for Republicans: Don’t fall into the Obamacare trap. The Democrats have made such a mess of health care, and the law is already so entrenched that Democrats are insisting that the law needs to be fixed, rather than repealed or replaced. And they have the audacity to blame Republicans for the problems with the law they passed without a single Republican vote, because they say Republicans are refusing to help them fix it. Unfortunately, quite a few Republicans are already falling for their devious ploy.

It’s an astonishingly brazen strategy. And it might work.

Already, some Republicans appear to be wavering on the insistence that repeal must be the first step in minimizing the damage done by Obamacare. In a weird irony, the more serious the problems of Obamacare become, the less likely some Republicans are to demand repeal.

“It’s so bad that you just can’t let it happen,” says one well-connected GOP strategist. “My sense is, at least at this point, it’s gotten so bad that as much as you don’t want to fix Obamacare, you just can’t let the impact of this happen.”

Says a House Republican aide: “Measures that provide Americans some form of relief from the most painful parts of Obamacare don’t have to begin with repeal.”

Read the whole thing. There are Republican plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, but there’s no unity on any of them. I know some people say it just needs to be repealed, and not replaced with anything. But Democrats have made such a mess of things I don’t know if that would even be workable at this point. Either way, they should get on message and avoid falling into this trap of fixing an unfixable law.