#SaveNYCHorseCarriages From Bill De Blasio


One of the first things Bill de Blasio wants to do as mayor of New York City is to destroy the horse drawn carriage business and the jobs of a couple of hundred New Yorkers who depend on it. The plan is to replace the traditional carriage rides with electric cars. Like anyone is going to pay for an electric car ride through Central Park. He claims it’s to save the horses, but Stacy McCain provides a more likely explanation of his motives:

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That’s going to be a real romantic treat for honeymooners, isn’t it? “Oh, we went to New York and rode the electric cars!”

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Don’t let this “animal rights” talk deceive you. Starry-eyed idealists don’t have that kind of juice. The big money behind the anti-carriage effort is rumored to come from real-estate interests who covet the property currently occupied by carriage stables.

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It’s a crooked dirty scam either way, and the campaign to fight back against de Blasio is SaveNYCHorseCarriages.com. (Read More)

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They’re looking to get this going on twitter right away, so if you tweet please use the hashtag #SaveNYCHorseCarriages.

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Update: If De Blasio is successful in his campaign against the horse carriage industry, what do you think will happen to the horses?

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