Will Proposed IRS Rules Effect Organizing For Action?



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There have been over 110,000 comments on the proposed rule changes for 501(c)4 non-profit organizations, most of the comments are negative. We now know that the plans to silence conservative organizations were in the works long before the scandal broke. As Kimberly Strassel notes, President Obama simply used the scandal “as an excuse to expand and formalize the abuse.”

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One thing not many people are asking is if Organizing for Action, President Obama’s former campaign operation which promptly received tax exempt status, will be subject to the same rules as the conservative groups. William Teach notes that they’re breaking the current rules, but we aren’t hearing any Democrat Senators complain about that.

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The GOP should counter with a requirement to limit political activity for the unions, NAACP, ACLU, oh, and heh, Organizing For Action, the 501(c)(4) group that exists specifically to push Mr. Obama’s political positions. Virtually every tweet is about Obama and his policies. The tweet using his name. The Twitter handle is BarackObama. Is that promoting social welfare, or politics?

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The only reason for Organizing for Action’s existence is to advance Obama’s political agenda. They’re logo is his logo. But we aren’t hearing much about that.

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