Ezekial Emanuel Is Really Looking Forward To The Demise Of Insurance Companies


Ezekial Emanuel, the brother of Rahm Emanuel and former health care adviser to President Obama, is just salivating at the thought of the demise of health insurance companies. Why, he’s downright gleeful.

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Emanuel writes that Obamacare is already causing insurance companies to either die or evolve into something else. “The good news is you won’t have insurance companies to kick around much longer,” he writes.

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Obamacare was not sold to the American people as a means of destroying private health insurance companies or even forcing them into turning into a different type of company. It was sold as a means of bringing insurance costs down while increasing access. It has turned out to cause about 6.2 million Americans to lose their insurance while forcing some Americans to buy insurance or pay a fine to the IRS. “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare,” President Barack Obama repeatedly promised. Emanuel’s article provides more evidence that the president was knowingly lying, and that people like Emanuel, who were close advisers while Obamacare was being written, knew that it would cause chaos for millions of Americans and their insurance.

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Emanuel writes that Obamacare is already causing some medical services providers to seek exclusive contracts with employers, cutting insurance plans out but also limiting the choices available to customers. (Read More)

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Emanuel concluded with “Be prepared to kiss your insurance company goodbye forever.”

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It’s really no secret that the Democrats’ plan all along was single payer. Some just aren’t willing to admit it.

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Update: Here’s Emanuel on Morning Joe talking about how great Obamacare is doing. He didn’t mention his glee at the coming demise of the insurance companies.

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