Check Out The Resort The Feds Will Use To Welcome Illegal Immigrants – Update – Contract Cancelled


Update: Gateway Pundit is now reporting that the contract has been cancelled after backlash from the American people.

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TheĀ Obama administration has contracted with a charity to run the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Welasco, TX as a processing center for the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across our border. While visiting, the migrants can enjoy the pool, work out in the weight room and have access to medical staff right there onsite, all on our dime. Actually, it’s quite a few dimes – $50 million a year, how many dimes is that? Here’s the pool area.

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Hopefully taxpayers won’t have to spend to much to spiff up the guest rooms and suites. Recent reviews indicate that some are a little run down. But still, it’s not a bad way to be welcomed to America. When my son saw this he said “They break the law and get to stay there for free? We can’t even take a vacation this year because Dad has to work every day to pay taxes to pay for THAT!” He pretty much summed it up.

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H/T iOwnTheWorld

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