A Not So Happy Anniversary


Obamacare is a year old. What an unhappy anniversary. Have your health insurance premiums gone down? No? I didn’t think so. Then again, it was never about bringing down the cost of insurance. It’s about rationing and control. It’s about the central government taking over a fifth of the economy. Heritage gave Obamacare a checkup, and it’s not looking good.

US Warplane Down in Libya

A United States fighter jet crashed in a Libyan field near Benghazi. According to the Telegraph, the plane came down due to a mechanical problem. The two crew members on board were ejected and suffered only minor injuries.

While the American Dream Slips Away for Many Americans, Michelle Obama Says American Dream Alive and Well in Chile


Thanks to the policies of President Obama and the Democrats, the American dream is slipping away for many Americans. Unemployment is stuck at record high levels. To make matters worse, those who are unemployed are less likely to find a job. The cost of living is skyrocketing. So of course Michelle Obama would give a speech saying the American Dream is alive and well… in Chile.