Good Grief!


Sheesh. What a morning. You may have seen that last night I went to do an automatic upgrade of the blogging platform and the entire site crashed. After much ado, things were taken care of. I sent a question to…

The Community Organizer, Unions and Raising Taxes – Bumped


According to Obama, community organizers stand beside union members on picket lines, go after companies, help unions build power, and build voter registration drives to expand that political power. He even promised to paint the nation purple. Well, he sure is doing his level best to keep that promise, with a lot of help from his czars and other unelected officials.

Democracy and Moderation

You hear a lot these days about democracy and moderation. There are two must read articles out today addressing both. Walter Williams: Democracy vs. Liberty (The United States is a republic – NOT a democracy!) Thomas Sowell: Voices of Moderation…