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Democrats Will Shut Down Government If They Don’t Get Their Way On Spending


The Democrats are mad because they think the government doesn’t spend enough money, so they plan to shut down the government if they don’t get their way on the budget. Kimberly Strassel spelled it out for us in the Wall Street…


Saturday Snark


Dianny has a new website – Patriot Retort. I found these there, be sure to check it out. I’m still getting caught up on work and everything else (but sleep) after CPAC and the whole debacle with getting home. Sorry…


Obama And The FCC Are About To Wreck The Internet

Obama sh

Get ready for President Obama and the Democrats on the FCC to wreck the internet. The net neutrality regulations the FCC is set to vote on have already been renamed “Obamanet,” and L. Gordon Crovitz says the comparisons to Obamacare…


Again Democrats Block Bill To Fund Homeland Security

Capitol Senate

Despite the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security saying they can’t keep malls safe, there is bipartisan agreement that the department should be funded. Republicans have again tried to advance a funding bill and Democrats have again blocked it. The…