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The Ethanol Subsidy Scam Continues

corn field

It’s not enough that the federal government mandates that we put corn in our gas tanks, but we also subsidize ethanol with our tax dollars. Even worse, US consumers aren’t able to consume enough ethanol to meet the mandates. But never…


That’s What You Call Rage?


HoffPo linked to an earlier piece about the movie “Cars 2” in which the villain is “Big Oil.” The writer, Joanna Zelman, sees rage. Some conservatives are already enraged. The Lonely Conservative blog wrote, “We conservatives and believers in free markets…


Big Corn Eats GOP


Well Mitt Romney is a fan and evidently so are most of the Republicans in the Senate. Yesterday Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) forced a vote on the Senate floor for a measure that would have immediately ended both federal subsidies…