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Feds Paid Politico More Than $400K Last Year


Good grief. Last year the federal government paid Politico a whopping $432,000 so various federal agencies could have access to Politico Pro, as if there isn’t plenty of free content on the world wide web they could access for political…


Life Is Good For Federal Workers

Capitol Senate

My latest article at Watchdog Arena highlights a new Gallup study finding that federal workers are much more likely to report that they are thriving financially than non-federal workers. The benefits aren’t just monetary, either. The findings cut across all income and education…


Illegal Immigrant Minors Get Court Dates In Four Years

immigration child warehouse

CNS News reported that a judge in Arlington, Virginia is scheduling immigration hearings for minors four years from now, in 2018.  I don’t see how this news won’t encourage even more illegals to come flooding across our open borders. The revolving…