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Obama: Time To Do Away With Debate


President Obama thinks that there should be no more debates about anything of any import. Everyone should just bow down and agree to his demands, I suppose. But then what would he do? He delivered a speech at the City…


Chicago On The Potomac


Dr Owens: After years of being treated as if the Wisdom of the Ages were as relevant as Confucius in a fortune cookie now that we have Chicago on the Potomac the wisdom gained in the City that Works is suddenly spot-on.


Saturday Funnies


Happy Saturday! We’re still in a deep freeze here in Upstate NY but later today it’s supposed to warm up into the 20s. It will feel like a heat wave, but then temperatures are supposed to plunge again early next…


The Obamacare Electronic Health Record Mess


Read my latest Watchdog Arena post for the results of a poll finding doctors really don’t like the electronic health record mandate in Obamacare. They say it’s too costly and results in worse care, what a shock. Earlier this month, industry group…