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Reparations For Gitmo Terrorists?

Guantanamo Sept. 11 Trial

Good grief, just when you thought you’d heard it all. Now some on the left are calling for reparations for terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay. And the Obama administration hasn’t ruled it out! Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens…

US Launches Airstrikes Against Terrorists In Syria

Bombs ISIS

The United States launched airstrikes against ISIS and the terror group known as Khorasan in Syria last night. Joining the US in the offensive are Bahrain, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Jordan and the UAE. Conspicuously absent are European allies and Turkey.…

Video: In 2007 George W. Bush Accurately Predicted What Is Happening In Iraq Today


In 2007 President Bush accurately predicted exactly what is happening in Iraq today. -Early withdrawal of troops – check. -Surrendering the future of Iraq to terrorists – check. -Mass killings on a horrific scale – check. -Allowing terrorists to establish…