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Beware The Love Gov

love gov

The Independent Institute has a new video series called “The Love Gov” which would be funnier if it wasn’t so close to reality. Beware the good looking dude promising to take care of you. Grab some popcorn:


Here’s A Clue As To What’s Wrong With Our Government


Yesterday Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart testified before the House Oversight Committee and explained why she was not able to take any disciplinary action against DEA agents who hooked up with prostitutes and had sex parties while on the…


Rand Paul Did Not Storm Out Of An Interview

Rand Paul

Rand Paul agreed to an interview with a reporter from The Guardian. The reporter said “One last question.” He then asked his question and Paul answered the question in a perfectly calm and polite manner. Then the reporter tried to ask another…


Obama: Time To Do Away With Debate


President Obama thinks that there should be no more debates about anything of any import. Everyone should just bow down and agree to his demands, I suppose. But then what would he do? He delivered a speech at the City…