Best Panasonic Shavers: What’s New?

Man shaving with a Panasonic trimmer
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Any person with even a passing interest in shavers will tell you that Panasonic makes fantastic shavers. Their shaver line up is simply the best. So, allow us to open the floodgates to the ten best Panasonic shavers out there.

Model                                    RPM/CPM      Wet/Dry Use       Battery              Cordless

ES-LA63-S Arc4               14,000                Yes                1 AA batteries           Yes

ARC5 Electric Razor      14,000                 Yes                 Lithium-Ion               Yes

ES-LF51-A Shaver           14,000                Yes                 Lithium-Ion               Yes

ES-LL41-K Shaver           13,000                Yes                 Lithium-Ion               Yes

ES3831K Shaver                  8,500                 Yes              2 AA batteries           Yes

Arc4 ES-LA93-K                14,000                Yes                 Lithium-Ion               Yes

ES-LT3N-K Arc3                 13,000                Yes                Lithium-Ion               Yes

ES2207P Shaver                  N/S                     Yes              1 AA batteries           Yes

ER-GB40-S Shaver            N/S                    Yes                  Ni-MH                         Yes

ER-GB370K Trimmer         N/S                   Yes                Lithium-Ion                Yes

10 Best Panasonic Shavers for the Perfect Look

1. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

For a quick and clean shave, there are no close seconds to the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor. This Japanese-made 4-blade shaver is one of the best products in the Panasonic line up. It’s nice-looking, fast, and precise, all at the same time. It’s also housed in a waterproof body. Therefore, this shaver is suitable for both dry and wet functionality.

Striking Features:

The most prominent feature is the 14,000 RPM speed, which leads to a faster and cleaner cut. It takes no more than one or two slow passes to get rid of all the hairs. Therefore, you won’t be overworking on any area of your face or neck, leading to zero skin irritation during the shaving process. You are bound to feel great after every shave.

Product Design:

It comes with a vibrating head, which essentially reduces the pressure required to achieve a close shave. It’s also pleasantly quieter than other similar models out there. Better still, it features an LCD that will tell you how much time was spent shaving, how much battery is left, when to clean the blades, and so on. Additionally, the shaver has a safety lock on it, which prevents it from accidentally turning on.

Battery Life:

It’s not a cell phone. So, the charge won’t last the whole day if held in hands for hours together. This isn’t to say that you would be disappointed with the shaver’s battery performance. This electric razor not only shaves smooth, but it also charges fast. You can expect approximately ten shaves from each charge.


Good shave with only a few passes

-Flexible head to reach difficult areas

-Lives up to the waterproof design

Can be used wet or dry

Gentle pressure needed

Suitable for sensitive skin

-Has an in-built battery indicator

-Comes with a travel bag


-Meant only for men

2. Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men

If you are looking for a Panasonic electric razor that cuts hair as close to a blade, you shouldn’t hesitate to take a shot at the Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor. This shaver will offer you a good shave every time with no skin irritation and lesser passes than usual. When used wet, it will provide you smoother results than other expensive razors as well.

Striking Features:

This foil shaver has a speed of 14,000 RPM. It glides smoothly across the skin. The best part is that you won’t have to apply too much pressure when shaving. A gentle touch from this five-blade model shaver should suffice to achieve an irritation-free and close shave. Even your sensitive skin will favor this shaver over others.

Product Design:

The Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor has a better cosmetic appearance than other razors that you will find around. Moreover, the head of this razor tilts a bit, allowing you to achieve a clean shave under the chin area too. Seriously, no hair will escape this shaver. It also comes with a separate blade to cut long hairs.

Battery Life:

The battery strength of this razor is pretty impressive. The charge will hold for 3-4 weeks without any fuss. Better still, a few minutes charge will provide enough juice for a quick three-minute shave. As a bonus, the LCD screen on this shaver will show you the precise battery percentage at all times, allowing you to charge the razor before it dies out.


Easy on the skin

-Not difficult to hand clean

-Doesn’t catch rust

-0 to 100 % charge in less than an hour

-Razor shave comparable results

-Earned loads of positive reviews

-Charging cable included

-Two-years warranty on parts & labor


-Not an affordable razor

-Cleaning oil and brush not included

3. Panasonic Razor, ES-LF51-A Cordless Shaver

If you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on a high-quality cordless Panasonic shaver, you should fix your eyes on this product. From lighter weight, studier built-quality, to better product ergonomics, this shaver has everything going its way. Plus, it’s not too expensive like other similar models. Still, it cuts close and smooth!

Striking Features:                          

Despite featuring four blades, the Panasonic ES-LF51-A shaver is smaller in person than other similar shavers out there.Moreover, the shaver features a hypoallergenic stainless-steel foil to keep users immune from skin allergies when shaving. This device also comes with a timer, which makes it easy to gauge the shaver’s usage. Anyone with a fast-growing beard should really get this shaver in a heartbeat.

Product Design:

The shaver has a very thoughtful design to it. For instance, the head has a slight arc to it, and it pivots; making it easy and comfortable to shave all around the head. With a 4-blade design, you won’t even have to press very hard to get a close shave. Better still, it can be used both wet and dry with amazing results. Within a few minutes, your face could be baby smooth.

Battery Life:

The battery on this cordless shaver gets plenty of power to last for more than a week on every recharge. The chances are that you will keep losing the accompanying charging cable based on how infrequently you might have to charge the shaver. Not to discount the fact that this shaver doesn’t take lightyears to charge. It charges pretty quickly.


-Ergonomic handle for ease of use

-Cuts down to the bare skin

-LED shows shaving stats

-Sturdier shaver design

-Smaller in person

-Stupidly easy to clean

-Storage case included

-Good for short business trips


-Doesn’t have a built-in stand

-Loud like other razors

4. Panasonic ES-LL41-K Cordless Shaver

For shaving comfort, closeness, and speed without razor burns or nicks, the Panasonic ES-LL41-K foil shaver should be a no-brainer choice. Suitable for both wet and dry use, this cordless shaver works incredibly well for its intended purpose. It’s smaller and lighter than other models in its cost range. Yet, this thing delivers amazing results. For smooth and reliable shave at a budget, it can’t get any better than this Panasonic shaver.

Striking Features:

Unlike others, this shaver is able to maintain its peak performance even when the battery is about to die. At 13,000 RPM, the motor on this shaver also moves the blade very fast, allowing you to achieve faster results than usual. So, you won’t have to go over the same spot repeatedly to achieve a good shave. The shaver will capture most of the hair in the first attempt itself. And, it will allow you to shave down to the bare skin without any fuss.

Product Design:

The shaver has the perfect weight and design to it to improve your shaving experience. The smart product design saves you strokes, time, and efforts. It also saves your face from cuts and bruises because it performs very smoothly and comfortably. Better still, this shaver comes with a lockable head for secure travel. Additionally, it comes with a free carrying case to protect the shaver.

Battery Life:

The battery life might impress you the most. Seriously, this shaver comes with a long-lasting battery. A fully charged battery can offer up to two weeks of use without any hiccups. The shaver also shows the remaining battery life on the battery meter. As you can tell by now, the battery on this Panasonic shaver is not the weakest link in the chain like other cordless shavers of this nature. 


-Affordable cordless shaver

Can be taken apart for easy cleaning

-Features an on/off lock

-Not too noisy

-Doesn’t vibrate a lot

-Smaller than a usual charger

-Great reviews from past users

-Both wet and dry usage


-Replacement blades don’t come cheap

5. Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver, ES3831K

If you are after a shaver that’s cheap enough to not ruin your sleep, the Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver, ES3831K can prove to be a wonderful option. In fact, this shaver will make you feel that you have been wasting your money on ridiculously high-priced shavers for all these years. Seriously, this shaver is good enough to get you office-ready or date-ready on any given day of the week.

Striking Features:

Despite the low price, the Panasonic ES3831K shaver features a pretty efficient motor. It runs faster and better than the rivals, leading to a good shave. The best part is that the device hums along nicely without creating a loud noise during use. Frankly speaking, this shaver has all the qualities that you wouldn’t ideally expect from a low-end product of this nature.

Product Design:

This compact and battery-powered shaver is perfect for your travels. It’s about half the size of your regular shaver. The small head and overall body design make it easier than usual to reach all areas of the face, including the neck. Given its small size, it’s also easy to hold and carry. The construction quality is decent as well. Plus, it’s waterproof too. So, it’s hard to ruin this shaver.

Battery Life:

This travel shaver makes use of standard 2 AA cells, which are easily available almost everywhere. Depending on your shaving rituals, the charge can last for a good two to four weeks without any issues. On average, you can expect around fifteen shaves from this shaver from every recharge.


-Travel-friendly shaver

-Good enough motor

-Works inside and outside the shower too

-Can be used on the bald head as well

-Cleans up quickly with soap and water

-Will last long

-Highly affordable price tag

-One-year Panasonic warranty


-Batteries are not included

-Doesn’t shave close enough

6. Panasonic Arc4 Multi-Flex ES-LA93-K men’s Electric Razor

ThePanasonic Arc4 Multi-Flex ES-LA93-K men’s Electric Razor is an award-winning shaver that can put most its competition to shame. This Japanese-model electric razor is comfortable to use, and it shaves all areas of the face and neck like nobody’s business. Frankly speaking, the general consensus on the product’s quality and performance is very good. According to many, it delivers a close shave with very less pressure on one’s skin.

Striking Features:

This Panasonic shaver is well-balanced, well-manufactured, and ergonomically perfect for its intended use. Unlike other similar shavers, it doesn’t vibrate a lot even at higher settings. The size of the shaver is small too, making it suitable for hairs away from the face too. Better still, the shavercomes with its own cleaning station, which is a great way to keep the shaver in top shape for many years to come.

Product Design:

Compared to the rivals, the Panasonic Arc4 Multi-Flex ES-LA93-K men’s Electric Razor is quieter, lighter, and easier to use. Powered by a motor speed of 14000 RPM, this shaver provides a beautiful shave in less than a few minutes. For those who don’t know, the shaver head has a tilting mechanism to it, which allows one to shave extremely close and fast without too many passes. Another nice aspect of the 4-blade shaver is that it can be used both wet and dry.

Battery Life:

The battery life is not extraordinarily good. But then, you will get six to seven shaves out of the shaver before having to recharge it. The upside to the battery is that it charges quickly to 100%. The best part is that the battery doesn’t get progressively worse in the months to follow. The battery stays strong throughout the entire lifespan of the product, which is freaking amazing by all means.


-Can be used on all body hair

-Shaves without discomfort or irritation

-Easily maneuverable

-Close shave with fewer passes

-Two-year product warranty on parts/labor.

-Loads of positive online ratings

-Does justice to the price tag


-Cannot be used when plugged in

-A bit expensive shaver

7. Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver

If you don’t want to spend too much or too little on an electric shaver, the Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver can prove to be a fine bet. This is a mid-priced shaver that can change your grooming life for the good. It’s user-friendly, more forgiving, and it has received amazing reviews on websites that talk about men’s shaving needs.

Striking Features:

The Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade Electric Shaver has a speed of 13,000 CPM. So, it’s super-fast during use, and it provides a super close shave. The appearance and the built-quality of the shaver are also spot on. Not to discount the fact that this shaver features a 3D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head for enhanced comfort and ultimate precision when shaving.

Product Design:

This electric shaver is designed to fit naturally in the hands. It features a soft and comfortable grip around the hand-holding area, allowing you to have better shaving control than usual. The closeness of the shave matches other high-end rivals out there. Therefore, there’s no need to spend more money on expensive shavers out there.

Battery Life:

The battery runtime is pretty good. As advertised by the shaving company, this thing comes with a long-lasting ion battery. When fully charged, you can expect up to forty-five minutes of use. Keep in mind that it takes less time than usual to shave with this electric shaver. Therefore, you will get many weeks of shaving use from a single charge. When used sparingly, it will last for nearly three weeks, if not more.


-Driven by a high-powered 13000 CPM motor

-Less cleaning and shaving time

-Powerful and precise electric shaver

-LED display to check battery levels

-Travel pouch and AC adaptor included

-Travel lock on the power switch

-Suitable for Wet/Dry use


-Blades and foil need replacement in due time

8. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P

Let’s discuss a women-oriented shaver. The Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women is one of the best-selling products in the electric shaver category for women. It’s very affordable, and it gets the intended job done without inflicting any pain. Basically, it delivers a nice and consistent shave upon every use just like other high-end shavers out there.  

Striking Features:

The pivoting head makes it a trimmer cum electric shaver. Therefore, it can be used in all areas of the body. Obviously, you won’t get a regular razor equivalent close shave, but this shaver comes pretty close without hurting you in the process. In fact, the shave could be much closer than what you may have anticipated from an electric shaver. Frankly speaking, you will easily be able to carry a short dress or a short trouser.

Product Design:

The shaver has a lovely shape to it, allowing you to effortlessly shave in any direction. Plus, this thing has the best angle to it, making it a breeze to shave in the tricky areas of the body. Moreover, it doesn’t take too long to get the job done. Furthermore, the head of this shaver can be popped off for easy cleaning under running water.

Battery Life:

To begin with, the shaver needs twelve hours of charge before first use. The battery lasts for about thirty minutes after every charge, which should be enough to shave the entire body. Keep in mind that you will be able to capture most hairs with a single pass, when the battery is fully charged. Also, it doesn’t take a long time to recharge the battery.


-Fits well in small hands too

-Unbelievably affordable

Cleans up within seconds

-Longer handle for ease of use

-Long-lasting women’s shaver

-Shaving gel not needed

Doesn’t cause pain during use


-Not suitable for an ultra-close shave

-Overcharging can ruin the battery’s life

9. Panasonic Beard Trimmer and Mustache Trimmer for Men ER-GB40-S

If you are looking for an affordable trimmer that will allow you to get close to the skin without the fear of nicks or cuts, the Panasonic ER-GB40-S Trimmer should be your shaver of choice. This trimmer is easy to use, adjust, and clean. Better still, it has a solid construction to it, and it runs smoothly too. Furthermore, it makes a low operating sound during use.

Striking Features:

Whether you have a long or short beard, this trimmer will do a quality job. Seriously, it’s engineered to operate flawlessly even when the battery is dying out. You will also love the docking station that comes with the shaver. The trimmer sits very nicely in the dock vertically to minimize its footprint on a cabinet.

Product Design:                             

The nicely engineered head of this shaver makes it easy to use the tool even in those tight spots. The motor capability is decent as well. It also features a lock system that prevents accidental ‘buzzing’ of the shaver. Plus, this shaver is housed in a waterproof body, allowing you to use it in the shower as well. Not to mention that you can also wash this thing clean without any hiccups.

Battery Life:

A fully charged battery lasts for a decent amount of time. Yes, the shaver can make it through extensive grooming sessions without any fuss. Between a charge, you can expect at least three to four weeks of use from the shaver. That said, this shaver lacks a battery indicator. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to charge it.


-Cuts wet and dry

-Nice rubber hands for easy grip

-Shower-friendly and travel-friendly

Adjustments can be made from 1-10mm

-Remarkably silent during use

-Endless size adjustments can be made

-Looks very stylish too


-Travel bag not included

 10. Panasonic ER-GB370K Men’s Electric Hair Trimmer

For a smooth and painless cut, you can consider the Panasonic ER-GB370K Men’s Electric Hair Trimmer. This hair trimmer comes with good cutting power and product ergonomics to get the intended job done without any difficulty. It’s also one of the quietest trimmers that you could ever own. Plus, it’s waterproof too.

Striking Features:

The trimmer is easy to hold and maneuver around the difficult areas of the face and neck. It offers a solid grip even when you use it with wet hands. Moreover, this trimmer comes with 19 different settings, eliminating the need to carry a different assortment of combs. Also, the blade on this trimmer easily pops out, allowing you to clean the unit easily.

Product Design:

The Panasonic ER-GB370K Men’s Electric Hair Trimmer has a 45-degree angle to it to deliver a superior performance like no other similar trimmer out there. Basically, it has a highly usable design to it. Also, this shaver is built to last for many years to come. Overall, this shaver has a well-conceived design to it. The engineers behind this shaving tool truly deserve a pat on their back.

Battery Life:

You will get good life out of the battery. It’s longer than other similar devices out there. So, it won’t die out soon in the middle of your grooming session. That said, the charge time is eight hours. So, it’s better to charge it overnight. You will get around 45-50 minutes of use from each charge. Basically, you can get many cuts from a single charge.


-Fantastic product design

-Many different lengths

-No need for many attachments

-Not harsh on the skin

-Works well in the water too

-Vertical charging dock station

-Not an expensive shaver


-Lacks low battery indicators

How to Shop for Panasonic Shavers?

Whether you are buying your first Panasonic shaver or looking to upgrade to a new model, you owe it to yourself to pay heed to the shaver shopping tips mentioned below:


Let’s take a second to admire the fact that Panasonic shavers come in many different price range. So, your first step would be to set a budget for the shaver. Assuming that your hard work won’t go in vain, you will find many shavers that will fall into your tentative budget. From the shortlisted choices, all you have to do is pick a diamond in the rough. That said, you should always fear getting the cheapest shaver that the brand has to offer. Generally speaking, the low-end shavers are not at par with their high-end counterparts. Therefore, it’s always worth spending a little more upfront as opposed to getting a dirt-cheap shaver.

Shaver Design

When choosing Panasonic electric shavers, the choices gun down to rotary or foil shavers. Depending on your shaving habits and style, you can make a choice between the two. The rotary shavers have a circular motion to them, allowing you to reach difficult facial areas with better ease than usual. Although it’s not ideal for daily shaving, it’s the best option for trimming/shaving thick and heavy beard. On the other hand, a foil shaver is highly suitable for individuals with sensitive skin because it captures and cuts hair gently, leading to a close and comfortable shave. It’s an ideal choice for those who are into daily shaving.

Easy Maintenance

There are many parts and pieces to a shaver.So, maintaining a shaver in top shape will involve some work. And, you won’t enjoy the bulk of it. Therefore, it helps to get a Panasonic shaver that’s easy to clean and maintain. The good news is that some of the high-end models come with a built-in cleaning mechanism. Basically, they clean themselves. So, maintaining a shaver of this nature can prove to be a no-fuss affair. That said, you should be prepared to spend a little more than usual for a self-care Panasonic shaver.

Advanced Model

If quality is your first concern, go for anadvanced model as opposed to a basic model. Needless to say, a Panasonic shaver that sits higher in the hierarchy will come with better quality and features as opposed to a low-end model. An advanced model will not only feature better shaving power, but it will also give you the ability to adjust the shaving power based on your facial structure and beard density. Plus, it will be more suitable for sensitive skin. Now, this isn’t to say that you have to pick the most expensive Panasonic shaver out there. Some of the mid-priced Panasonic shavers also come with good quality and design.

Other Features

Speed: If you are considering an electric Panasonic shaver, make sure to buy a unit that has more than 11000 CPM or RPM.A shaver with such a specification will get the job done with lesser strokes than usual.

Waterproof: The ones that feature a waterproof body will allow convenient shaving in and outside the shower. Not to discount the fact that a waterproof Panasonic shaver can be easily cleaned under the tap water.

Charging:  If you are in a hurry, will you be able to charge the shaver on the go for a quick shave? Some models allow you to charge the shaver for a few minutes for one shave.

Grip: Make sure that the shortlisted Panasonic shaver has an ergonomic design to it for comfortable handling so that you can hold on to the shaver firmly at all times.

Accessories: Will you have to spend more on accessories or do they come included with the chosen shaver? From cleaning brush to a travel case, and more, pay heed to the accessories that you might need.

Mobility: If you travel frequently, don’t get a unit that requires a power supply for use. A battery-operated unit should be an ideal choice for you to free you from the trouble of carrying a long cable.

Blades: Blade replacement is a necessary evil at some point of the product’s life cycle. Therefore, inspect how difficult or easy it is to get the blades replaced.

Warranty: Not all Panasonic shavers are created equal. Therefore, not all of them carry a standard warranty. If you value your investment on a shaver, choose a shaver that comes with a good product warranty.

Final Words

We have made a humble attempt to make this your first and last shop for Panasonic shaver shopping. Armed with all the new information in your back pocket, we are pretty optimistic that you should be ready to finalize your Panasonic shaver of choice. Happy shaver shopping!!

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