Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

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Tom Ford is not your average next-door guy. He is a renowned fashion designer who always creates a storm in the fashion world with his sexy and high-end creations. His products make it to the magazine covers without any fuss. As they say, looking and smelling good is in Tom Ford’s DNA. Let’s take a peek into the top colognes created by him.

7 Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men with Reviews

1. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

There are no ordinary words to describe the Tom Ford Noir Extreme cologne. This cologne for men will give your nose a close encounter with heaven. The fragrance easily lasts for 12 plus hours. If you have hair on your chest, arms, or back, the incredible fragrance will stay the whole day. People will usually comment on how good you smell, especially when you hug them. Ladies will pass positive comments too. Seriously speaking, you would be hard-pressed to find a more sexy and classy fragrance in the market. Every gentleman should have this cool product in his collection.


  • It has tons of vanilla, sandalwood, rose, and all the other good stuff in it. The cologne truly gets the attention due to its uniqueness.
  • The fragrance comes out strong and manly, exactly the way most men would prefer.
  • The fragrance has nice sticking powers to linger on your body throughout the day/night.


  • The perfume is a bit pricey. Other than the high cost, you won’t really find any flaw with the Tom Ford Noir Extreme cologne for men.

2. Tom Ford Vetiver Eau De Parfume Spray for Men

By all means, this could easily be the most stunning cologne that you may have ever smelled. The perfume has a very deep, rich, and manly smell to it, which would evoke reactions from both men and women. Seriously, it will attract flattering comments even from strangers. The best part is that it will stay long enough on the skin. It’s rich ingredients really sets it apart from the crowd. This scent is pure class fitted in a bottle.


  • The fragrance is irresistible and long-lasting. It truly garners attention from everyone.
  • This cologne proves that a little can go a long way. Believe it or not, the smell stays even after you have washed your clothes.
  • This perfume spray is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions too.
  • The scent is wrapped in a nice package, and it comes in a very fashionable bottle.


  • Given the fact that this perfume is meant for men, all the ladies out there will feel left out.

3. Tom Ford for Men EDT Spray

If you are truly interested in a high-quality cologne for men, it can’t really get any better than the Tom Ford for Men perfume. This product is highly recommended to any gentleman who likes to smell good all the time. It contains a host of different ingredients such as lemon leaves, ginger, grapefruit, deep green, and others that provides this perfume an exotic smell like nothing else out there. The scent is not too sweet, heavy, or overbearing. It sits perfectly somewhere in the between. It’s truly a masterpiece.


  • It comes in a fabulous-looking bottle. You will have a hard time taking your eyes off the bottle
  • As expected from a high-end brand of this nature, the scent doesn’t wear off within a few hours of application.
  • The perfume lives up to the brand image. So, you are not making an expensive mistake by considering this perfume.
  • Even Tom Ford has been caught saying that this is one of his personal best cologne.


  • Since scent is a matter of personal preference; there’s no guarantee that you will fall head over heels for this perfume.

4. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

The Tom Ford Tuscan Leather perfume is nothing less than a treat to a man’s nose. As industry experts state, this perfume has a deep blend of spices like no other perfume out there. This isn’t to say that it will smell like your grandma’s perfume. The scent is very much masculine and in line with the latest trend. Simply put, the scent is very sexy and intoxicating, in a good way. Right off the bat, it will put you in a luxury state of mind. Seriously, you won’t stop sniffing your own body.


  • This scent is remarkably long-lasting. Believe it or not; one spray will last the whole day.
  • Since you won’t need much, the perfume bottle will last you for a long time. Seriously, it will take you way too long to finish one bottle.
  • Although meant for men, it has a unisex fragrance. Most ladies have fully embraced this perfume.
  • The scent has enough style and substance in it to make you feel like a millionaire.
  • As a bonus, people will take notice of you and compliments will follow your way.


  • The Tom Ford Tuscan Leather perfume is a premium product. So, don’t expect to get this perfume at a shoestring budget.

5. Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

The Tom Ford Noir Eau De Spray has a flawlessly beautiful fragrance. Chemically, it has a great blend of ingredients to make it one of the best smelling products from this brand. Seriously, it smells so good that you might use the perfume only on special occasions. The best part is that you will receive boatloads of compliments on the days you use it. Not to mention that the scent lasts for the most part of the day. If you want to smell your best, you simply can’t go wrong this top-notch perfume coming from a top-notch brand.


  • The price of the perfume is low for the bottle size and brand of this reputation.
  • For the quality and price, this could easily prove to be your favorite year-round perfume.
  • It’s hard to find too many unfavorable reviews for this product. Most users love it.
  • This perfume is truly a diamond in the rough. The bottle itself is pleasant to look at.


  • This perfume may not be suitable for individuals who prefer light or medium scent because the alcohol in use gives out a strong smell.

6. Tom Ford Beauty Tobacco Vanille Private Blend Spray

This is like a celebrity perfume that stands out on its own. It has a very masculine scent to it, which can garner a lot of ladies’ reaction. Frankly speaking, they won’t get tired of inhaling the scent. The fragrance is truly unlike any other cologne out there. It’s an ideal product for any gentleman who wants to show authority or confidence. If it weren’t for the high-end price tag, most of us would have considered gifting this perfume to all our friends and relatives on special occasions.


  • It’s quite strong, so you won’t have to overspray. A spray or two will be more than enough for long-lasting fragrance.
  • It smells so wonderful that you will feel tempted to drink the perfume. Seriously, the fragrance is a class apart from the rest.
  • Given the quality of the perfume, you won’t have a hard time justifying the expense.


  • It’s a high-end perfume. So, it’s not suitable for all the budget perfume shoppers out there.

7. Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu Eau De Parfum 50 Ml, Unisex

This Tom Ford perfume has a very smooth, refreshing, and refined scent which would work well for any gender. This perfume is extremely pleasant on a person’s nostrils. Seriously, it will please almost anyone who smells it. It’s one of those perfumes that you will put on and smell over and over again. Not to mention that the spray will linger in the surrounding for quite a while. The best part is that it will smell wonderful even without you applying a lot. The bottle comes almost full too. Therefore, you won’t run out of supply soon. The cologne will easily last you for a decent portion of the year.


  • The smell is pretty unique. So, you definitely won’t smell like every other guy in the room.
  • This is exactly the kind of perfume you would love to wear on a blind date.
  • It has a great aroma that’s perfect for work, hangouts, or any other formal/informal occasions.
  • About performance, it easily lasts for 10-12 hours. So, you won’t have to respray it over and over again.


  • The smell takes about five to ten minutes to open up. So, you will have to be a bit patient with this perfume.
  • Unless you can cast a blind eye to your wallet, this perfume is not suitable for everyday use.

How to Shop for a Tom Ford Cologne?

There are boatloads of perfumes under the Tom Ford umbrella. Seriously, it won’t be easy to pick one perfume from the pack. So, are you prepared to do neck-deep research?  Don’t worry; the shopping tips given below will save you hellish hours of research.

Understand the Choices

Tom Ford fragrances come in many different categories. Truly, the brand has many varieties of perfumes under its hood. So, your choice of perfume will really gun down to what type of perfume you prefer spraying on yourself. Depending on how you want to feel and what you want the perfume to say about your personality, you will have to choose a perfume accordingly. Basically, it helps to access your personal needs to narrow down your choices for the Tom Ford perfume. Trust your choices; it will lead you in the right direction.


Most gentlemen prefer long-lasting perfumes, especially when they are spending top-dollars on them. But then, not all the perfumes from the Tom Ford brand carry a long-lasting scent. So, you will have to carefully choose a cologne that will last. For those who are not aware, the citrus-based fragrances tend to evaporate fast. Therefore, they don’t last as long as their counterparts. For longest staying power, go for Tom Ford perfumes that have woods, amber, vanilla, etc. in them. Basically, the perfumes that contain a lot of dry down notes linger on the body for a long time. On a side note, make sure to store the perfume in a cool and dark place to preserve the potency of the perfume.

Price Range

Branded perfumes don’t come cheap. Imagine how many flowers were handpicked to be blended inside your perfume bottle, which will, of course, reflect on the cost of the perfume. That said, Tom Ford perfumes come in different price range. The good news is that some of the perfumes carry a lot of similarities, yet the price difference between the two perfumes can be world-apart from each other. If you don’t want to spend extra cash, go for the one with a lower price tag. Performance-wise, you might have to compromise a bit, but it would still prove to a great option, especially when you are not looking to spend a lot. Of course, don’t buy from an unknown merchant/website just to save a buck or two.

Fragrance Allergies

If you are suffering from any fragrance allergy, then don’t make the dangerous mistake of getting a perfume that can cause dizziness, headache, watery eyes, or any other allergic reaction. Just like any other brand, Tom Ford perfumes make use of different combinations of ingredients. To protect yourself from fragrance allergy, you will have to read the product description to find out the chemical components of the perfume. If you feel dizzy upon smelling a rose, you should know that you must avoid a perfume that uses rose in its product concentration. If possible, avoid heavy perfumes to minimize the fragrance’s effects.


Anyone with a passing interest in perfumes will tell you that no two opinions on the same perfume are guaranteed to be the same. Therefore, it’s hard to rate or rank a cologne. But then, we are positive that you will surely fall in love with our recommended perfumes. These perfumes truly reign over other Tom Ford cologne for men.

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