Best Wahl Clippers for Every Use

Best Wahl Clipper for daily use
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Wahl is a market-dominant brand in the grooming industry. Despite the increasing competition from former and new brands, the company’s market share has hardly dropped over the years. Seriously, Wahl’s clippers are truly designed for perfection like no other clippers in the market. Today, we are going to discuss the 10 best clippers from Wahl, which clearly illustrate that they were not built by half-asleep engineers.

Wahl Model No:      Corded/Cordless    Warranty

Wahl #9918-6171             Both                   Three-year

Wahl #9906-717              Cordless             Three-year

Wahl # 79602                  Corded                Lifetime

Wahl #79600-2101          Cordless             Two-year

Wahl #79467                  Corded                Five-year

Wahl #79300-1001          Both                   Five-year

Wahl #9818                     Cordless             Five-year

Wahl #9854-600             Cordless             Five-year

Wahl #79434                  Both                   N.S

Wahl #8110                     Corded               N.S

Wahl Clippers: Best Products Reviewed

1. Groomsman Cord/Cordless Beard Trimming Kit

If your primary use is beard trimming, you can’t go wrong with the Groomsman Cord/Cordless Beard Trimming Kit. This kit includes a battery-operated clipper that’s small, sleek, and powerful enough to deliver the beard style you prefer, of course, without any cuts or nicks. Moreover, the trimmer comes with variable settings to provide you better shaving control during use.

Ergonomically, the clipper is right there too. So, you won’t feel like you are holding a solid brick in your hands. Seriously, you will like how this thing feels in the hands. The best part is that you will be able to operate this clipper as a corded device when the battery gives up on you. Not to forget the fact that this beard trimming kit is priced pretty low compared to other trimmer kits out there.

That said, the noise level of this trimmer is a bit high. But then, it’s not too high to prevent you from using the product. Plus, this thing comes with adapters of various trim lengths to help you achieve different cuts as per your preference. Moreover, this clipper comes with high-carbon precision-ground blades that stay sharp for a pretty long time.

The unit is well-constructed too. It appears that Wahl picked up the best product engineers for the job. Even the packaging of this shaver kit is spot on. As a result, the product will arrive damage-free at your doorsteps. That said, it will take a bit of energy to tear apart the box that houses this kit.


-Good range of shaving attachments

-Comes with a rechargeable battery

-Doesn’t pull hairs during use

-Can be used during charge

-Won’t heat up

-No quality issues

-Fairly long cable

-Affordable trimmer kit

-Maintenance oil and brush included


-Low-quality on/off switch

-Holding case could have been better

2. Wahl Beard Rechargeable Trimmer

Are you looking for a low-cost beard and mustache clipper? The Wahl Beard Rechargeable Trimmer can serve your needs very well. Powered by standard AA batteries, the trimmer comes with several head attachments to help you trim your bread or mustache to the length you want. Better still, it;s lightweight, and it comes with very sharp blades.

Additionally, it’s compact design offers better leverage during use, allowing you to effortlessly glide it over your beard and mustache. Furthermore, the clipper is constructed with better precision than loads of other equivalent products that cost far more than this device. It trims close to the skin without causing skin irritation. Above all, it delivers excellent results with few passes.

This clipper also stays charged for a fairly long time. You will get many weeks of use before the battery wears out. Not to discount the fact that 2 AA batteries are included in the kit for no extra cost. The product does come with its fair share of bells and whistles too. For instance, it features an LED light that indicates whether the unit is charging or not. Also, keep in mind that the adjustable guard on this clipper can be changed without you taking it off.

Additionally, this trimmer set comes complete with several head attachments, oil bottle, and a handy cleaning brush. Moreover, the included stand does the trick of keeping all the shaving parts and pieces organized. Everything considered; it won’t be an understatement to claim that this clipper truly lives up to Wahl’s reputation of creating good quality products at low prices.


-Solidly built for the price

-Has rubberized grip

-Cuts nice and sharp

-Runs on affordable batteries

-Batteries won’t deplete soon

-Travel-friendly clipper

-Stays totally cool during use

-Won’t take a lot of space

-Solid three-year warranty  


-Noisier than other clippers

-Travel case is not included

3. Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Kit – Model 79602

If you have grown tired of using cheap hair cutting clippers, you should take a shot at the Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Clipper. This thing not only features a stronger and better motor, but it also has a superior fit and feel to it. Although a bit pricier, it delivers a smoother and precise cut even during fast movements, which speaks a lot about the clipper’s well-thought construction quality. By spending a little more than usual, you will immediately be able to tell the difference in quality.

Thick or thin, no hair is a challenge for this high-quality clipper. It comes with various sets of attachments to handle all types of hair and style preferences. It should be no surprise to learn that this clipper has been well-received by past users. Yes, it’s one of the highly-rated clippers in the shaving product category. Seriously, you may not have used such a product in the past.

Frankly speaking, this is the kind of clipper you see at the barber’s shop. There are hardly any plastic parts on this clipper. Furthermore, all the weak points are strengthened with metal. As an added bonus, the kit also comes with a bag that’s roomy enough to fit everything inside of it with some spare room left. If well-taken care off, this trimmer kit will last you for many years to come. Also, the blades on this thing will stay sharp for a long time.

Of course, you will have to clean the blades periodically to keep them disinfected. That said, you won’t find it too hard to maintain this clipper in top shape. Seriously, it’s the best professional piece of shaving equipment that you can get for home use. Your only regret would be to not have acquired this clipper anytime sooner.


-Expensive look and feel

-Stronger and better motor power

Doesn’t heat up badly

Quieter than most clippers

-Offers barber-quality cuts

-USA-made hair cutting clipper

Goes strong for many years

-Comes with an 8-foot cord


-A bit pricier model

-Not a cordless clipper

4. Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

The Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is lightweight, powerful, and highly suitable for cutting both long and short hairs. It may not be advertised as a professional-quality clipper, but it cuts hair like a hot knife through butter. You can truly expect cleaner, smoother, and quicker cut from a clipper of this quality. Wahl has really nailed it with this well-made cordless clipper.

The battery on this clipper is also powerful enough to offer many cuts from a single charge. It seldom needs a charge. As the battery starts to drain out, it wouldn’t even impact the product’s performance. Yes, this thing won’t run slow like other similar clippers out there. Seriously, it will cut hair in a fraction of the time of other clippers even with a dying battery.

The best part is that the clipper remains powerful for a long time. So, you can expect faithful service for several years and beyond. Moreover, the clipper feels very comfortable in the hands. It’s not overly heavy or light. The weight and size of the clipper are perfect for achieving a flawless cut. Since it’s a cordless unit, no wires will get in your way when shaving. 

Not to undermine the fact the company has thrown in a small clipper as a bonus. So, you are avoiding monthly trips to the local salon for two individuals, saving a small fortune from the regular household expenses. In fact, you get a lot for your money because the kit includes the clippers, scissors, combs, and a few more things.


-Extra clipper included to do all sorts of cuts

-Superb power for a cordless unit

-Battery-driven cordless clipper

-Good run time of two hours

-Offers good maneuverability

-Fairly quiet motor

-Made in America

-Arrives in a convenient pouch

-Deserving number of positive feedbacks


-Requires charging time of 3 to 4 hours

-Smaller clipper is not rechargeable

5. Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Haircutting Kit – Model 79467

For self-cuts, it can’t get any better than this clipper. The kit includes 22 pieces of hair cutting tools to give you a comfortable shaving experience like never before. You will truly get excited with the contents of the kit. Seriously, it will feel like Christmas morning. So, you are indeed getting what you are paying for. Not to mention that the included clipper is strong, quiet, and easier to handle compared to other similar trimmers out there.

From high to low, the trimmer offers many settings to deliver a smooth cut with zero nicks. It’s also pretty light and compact in weight and size, allowing you to easily reach the back of the head. Moreover, the clipper cuts hair extremely close to the scalp without injuring you. So, you will be happy with the results too. In all seriousness, this thing will truly reduce your salon visits, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Keep in mind that it’s a solid chrome product that will offer you many years of shaving use without any fuss. So, the product longevity is not questionable. The included guards also come marked with mm and inch measurements for improved shaving experience. Moreover, this thing is truly quiet, as advertised by the company. Therefore, you won’t get startled every time you turn the unit on. In fact, you can have a good conversation when shaving, even without increasing your voice volume.


-Powerful and whisper-quiet

-Durable metal construction

-Can be used on all facial hair

Has self-sharpening blades

-Doesn’t perform poorly

-Cuts hair fast with less efforts

-Really easy to operate and store

-Offers multiple comb options

Fits well in smaller hands too


-The included case is very thin

6. Wahl Color Pro Clipper Kit – Model 79300-1001

This is one of the best-selling clippers in the market today. The clipper kit houses a bunch of attachment guards, allowing you to effortlessly trim your hair to just about any length or style you desire. Seriously, the included clipper will handle your beard and neck like nobody’s business. Frankly speaking, it will deliver more than what you would have expected for the clipper’s price point.

Of course, you will love the fact that all the guards are color-coded. So, you will know exactly which guard you should be using whenever you are ready to use one. Also, the clipper is sharp enough to cut thick hair. The grippy texture makes it easy to hold the clipper for the entire duration of the hair cut without any difficulty. This thing also comes with two scissors and a pair of combs. So, the value for money is definitely there.

What also sets this clipper kit apart from the crowd is the generous five-year warranty. Keep in mind that this is a USA-made product. Not to mention that nothing beats the reliability of it being a product from Wahl’s line up. So, you will hardly run into quality issues. Better still, the clipper will pay for itself within its first few months of use itself by saving you salon money.


-Powerful and sharp enough for haircuts

-Beginner-friendly trimmer set

-Provides plenty of length options

-Easy picking with color coded guards

-Won’t make you bleed when shaving

-Not freaking loud like other clippers

-Entire kit for a low asking price

-Plastic carrying case also included

-Solid five-year warranty


-Not meant for International use. USA use only

-Not for professional use

7. Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer – Model 9818

The Wahl Model 9818 clipper is a fantastic multipurpose shaving set that can be used to cut both face and body hair. The included clipper has enough power to it to get its intended job done without jamming or slowing down during use. You don’t even have to be a barber or a beautician to make precise cuts with this trimmer. It’s light, cordless, and easy to use.

Also, the state-of-the-art battery on this unit holds the charge for a freaking long time. Moreover, this thing is housed in a very sturdy and sleek stainless-steel body. It’s more comfortable to use than other similar products out there. It does work when you are charging it. A quick five-minute charge for an emergency shave is possible too.

It’s also smaller in size than other clippers, allowing better manoeuvrability to easily reach touch to access body parts.  Moreover, it cuts smooth and stays quiet during operation. Additionally, the clipper feels good in the hands. You could tell that you are holding a professional piece of shaving equipment. This thing charges very fast too.

If you are an accessories person, you may feel pleased to learn that this shaver kit comes with enough accessories to really please you. It also includes a highly informative user manual that tells you the suggested use of all the included attachments and accessories. In summary; this shaver set is unbelievably good.


-Not lacking in power or quality

-Premium look and feel

-Non-rusting and self-sharpening blades

-Adjustable clipper head

-Variety of guards included

-LED light tells you when to charge

-Runs for weeks without a recharge

-Size is ideal for travel

-Can be proudly gifted to anyone


-Not a waterproof trimmer

-Carries an expensive price tag

8. Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer

This is the only shaving kit that you would ever need to attend to your facial hair. The Wahl Lithium Trimmer has twice the torque of your standard clipper, and it’s fitted with self-sharpening blades for superior performance than the rivals. Although lightweight, you will feel its power as soon as you turn the unit on. It also comes with a nice assortment of attachments, allowing you the flexibility to maintain different hairstyles.  Basically, this clipper is plentifully good for home use.

It will make your face hair-free without snagging or pulling. It charges fully in about an hour. Better still, one full charge will easily last you for three-plus hours. This thing also delivers a quieter performance. Moreover, it doesn’t vibrate/shake during use. Above all, the material on the handle provides a nice grip. Everything about the product makes the shaving process smoother than usual. The price of the clipper is fair too, and it comes with a five-year warranty.

Moreover, all the included attachments such as the combs, charge cable, etc, easily fit into the accompanying storage case. So, it’s a breeze to keep this shaver kit organized, making it easy to carry on your next traveling trip. Seriously, none of the competitively priced clippers are of the same quality as this product. This clipper is head and shoulders above the rest.


-Comes with lots of attachments

-Competitively priced and easy to use

-Powerful and charges fast

-Non-rusting blades

-Highly responsive on/off button

-Allows quick 1-minute charge for one shave

-Blades stay sharp for long

-Not heavy and non-noisy

-Won’t upset sensitive skin

-Made in Illinois, USA


-It’s not waterproof

9. Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting Kit 79434

This Wahl clipper is durable, it charges fast, and it cuts hair like magic. Yes, this unit comes with good power and sharp blades to offer a smooth performance at all times. Better still, it comes with detailed directions on how to get the most out of the shaving tool. It’s also a lot quieter than other models out there. It offers a good runtime too.

Seriously, a single charge can last for many body trimming sessions. To be more specific over here; the run time is close to one hour. And, it can be used straight out of the box without charging it first. Of course, it’s a cordless unit. So, you won’t have to worry about tangled wires when shaving. In the event the battery runs out of life, you can also use the clipper when it’s charging.

The performance of this clipper is good both on thin and thick hair. As advertised, the blades on this thing are very sharp, allowing one to achieve a clean cut without too many passes. The size of this clipper is also smaller compared to other models, which will let you reach the difficult areas around the face without any issues.


-Lightweight and cordless too

-Comes with a good selection of blades

-Smooth clipper action

-No hair pulling during use

-Can be used for facial and other body hair

-Perfect travel-size clipper

-Can be used with or without cord

-Comes with a cleaning kit


-No light to indicate charging

10. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

For professional use, the 5 Star Balding Clipper has no close match. This clipper from Wahl Professional’s line of products features a very powerful electromagnetic motor that offers a surgical-close shave like no other similar shaving product out there. Basically, it delivers quick, precise, and smooth cuts with zero skin irritation even if you were to be a bit careless when shaving.

The fact that it’s a corded unit, it’s far more powerful than your standard cordless unit. Seriously, you can expect razor-equivalent cuts from this clipper on any given day of the week. Even on its last leg, it will perform better than most of the cordless clippers out there. Not to mention that you will be able to shave your entire head in less than five minutes. This clipper is truly designed to do its job quickly and easily.

As advertised, this thing will not only give you the feel of a professional unit, but it will also perform like one. It works well on soft skin too. Even those who have reviewed the clipper after months and months of use have nothing but good things to say about this clipper. Most of them echoed the fact that this clipper delivers smooth and close cuts, while being quieter than other clippers out there.

Given how effective this clipper is, you will no longer feel the need to use a razor ever again in your life. Of course, you have to be careful during operation to avoid nicks. But then, this clipper is as safe as it can get for a professional shaving tool of this nature. From good built-quality to nice grip, everything about this clipper is spot-on. Therefore, you won’t really have to look for a ‘better’ or ‘pricier’ clipper than this one.


-Numerous accessories are included

-Gives razor-equivalent cuts

-Quiet, sharp, and powerful

-Heavy-duty built quality

-Sharp and adjustable blades

-Shaves quickly. Saves a lot of time

-No nicks or cuts. Only smooth shave


-Not a cordless version

Wahl Clippers: Factors to Consider

Clipper Power

Generally speaking, the motor power is what separates an excellent clipper from an average one. A clipper featuring a powerful motor will take lesser strokes to capture more hair, causing less skin irritation when shaving. As a result, you won’t have to go over the same body part over and over again. Not to discount the fact that a powerful motor could cut your shaving time in half. Once you have determined your budget for the clipper, go hunting for the most powerful clipper that Wahl has to offer, of course, in your price range.

Self-Sharpening Blade

Dull blades can ruin your shaving experience to a point where you may not enjoy shaving at all. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that blades keep getting dull with every use. Therefore, it helps to choose clippers that feature self-sharpening blades to get the most value out of the clipper money. For those who don’t know, self-sharpening blades are designed for self-care. Basically, the blade will sharpen itself every time you run the motor. As a result, you will get many years of sharp cutting power from a self-sharpening blade without any issues.

Cord Vs. Cordless

Today’s consumers prefer the convenience of going cordless. Just like other well-known brands out there, Wahl completely understands the modern man’s mindset behind going cordless. The good news is that the company offers a wide range of both corded and cordless clippers. The best part is that their cordless units offer an excellent runtime of anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours without any hiccups, allowing one to get multiple cuts from a single charge. Not to mention that a cordless unit is perfect for travels.

Adjustable Lengths

To allow you to make great cuts from home, today’s clippers feature adjustable taper levels. Moving the taper level up or down will enable you to make customized cuts as per your preference. Keep in mind that not Wahl clippers feature an adjustable taper. Therefore, it helps to check the product specs to be sure that you are getting an adjustable model to achieve a cut of your personal preference.

Sensitive Skin-Friendly

If you have sensitive skin, you are not alone. But then, you will have to take special care of your grooming routine. Basically, you will have to invest in a sensitive-skin friendly Wahl clipper. The clippers that feature blades that are rounded towards the end are best for individuals with sensitive skin. Some models also come with a clip-on guard to be easy on sensitive skin. Gladly enough, Wahl offers quite a few clippers with above product specs, allowing you to cut hairs without skin irritation.

Clipper Weight

When shopping for the best Wahl clipper in the market, most users often overlook the weight of the product. The clipper consumers fail to realize that the weight of the product can significantly affect the quality of the shave. If the weight difference between the two clippers is a few ounces, it won’t matter a lot. If the weight difference is a pound or two, then it’s a completely different story. The bulkier unit could be difficult to hold, use, and maneuver over tight spots. So, choose a Wahl clipper that comes with great power and performance without any extra mass to it.

Battery Run Time

Wahl provides some of the best battery-powered clippers that you will find around. But, no two Wahl clippers are the same. Therefore, do inspect the battery run-time before reaching out to your wallet. Ideally speaking, you should get around 60 mins of run time from each charge, allowing you plenty of shaving time to trim your hair. Also, you should have the option for a quick 5-minute charge. This will enable you to shave in haste when you are short on time on any given day of the week.


We don’t need to tell you that the noise-levels from some clippers can be quite overwhelming. So, don’t make the classic mistake of getting a clipper that sounds like a bulldozer. Quieter clippers usually vibrate less, and they are more pleasant to use. So, why keep up with the irritable noise when you can get quieter clippers without dropping more money? A small humming noise should be okay. But then, the noise volume shouldn’t be too high.


These days, clippers are hardly sold as a stand-alone shaving tool. Usually, they come with a host of different grooming accessories to provide you with an epic shaving experience. Like other well-known brands, Wahl doesn’t shy away from including fairly costly accessories in the kit. From lubricating oils to blade guards and more, you can expect quite a few goodies. To get the most value for your clipper’s bucks, check what accessories will come in the box.

Final Words

No matter which clipper you choose from the choices above, you are surely going to get your money’s worth because the clippers in the discussion are a real workhorse. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to choose these Wahl clippers over other lackluster products out there. When compared to others, these products are the BMW of clippers.

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