Video: John Stossel’s Energy Special

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of John Stossel. He’s got to be thrilled to be at Fox Business where he gets air time and can do these specials that last longer than the 5 minutes or so ABC News gave him.

This week he took on T. Boone Pickens and asked “who needs energy independence?” I was reminded to watch this when a T. Boone Pickens ad appeared on television. I thought I’d find Stossel’s videos and educate myself.

Pickens argued that government subsidies of windmills and natural gas is a great way to create jobs. Stossel made the case that Pickens is wrong, and that there’s nothing wrong with energy interdependence. Another guest, author Robert Bryce, said to grab your wallet when you hear people talking about energy independence. He called energy independence a delusion. Later Stossel looked at high speed rail, and better solutions for transportation.

Take the time to watch all six segments. You’ll get to see Stossel make a $10,000 bet with Pickens, and Vice President Biden’s hair plugs blowing in the wind. But in all seriousness, our schools are failing to properly educate our children. Conventional wisdom will be the end of us all. The only way to counter that is to seek out our own education. Open your mind. Stop listening to politicians. Contrary to popular belief, the answers to our problems won’t be answered by the government.